10 pack BUNDLE -Offshore 10 pack BUNDLE -Offshore
SnapBait 10 pack BUNDLE -Offshore $230.00
Offshore 10 Pack - GEN2 BKK This Bundle is the perfect option for the Angler who's wanting some variety in their tackle bag.  Suited for inshore fishing conditions ranging from 25m- 100+M The OFFSHORE bundle has the following sizes ( colours picked randomly) 2 x 205g 2 x 255g 2 x 305g 2x 355g 2x 405g 
10cm SnapBait bumper Sticker Logo
SnapBait 10cm SnapBait bumper Sticker Logo $4.99
10cm SnapBait logo bumper sticker 
3 Pack Bundle - Triple Threat BKK
SnapBait 3 Pack Bundle - Triple Threat BKK from $44.99
3 pack bundle deal includes: 3 x of your selected size, Colours picked at random.
3Way Bundle
SnapBait Australia 3Way Bundle from $140.00
Who doesn't love a 3Way! when you want to play with them all but want choose which one. This bundle has got you covered. 3Way contains the following. 3 x Triple Threats 3 x Frothy Okky 3 x Proto-J- SPJ  
Assist Bundle Packs Assist Bundle Packs
SnapBait Assist Bundle Packs from $44.99
Never worry about getting snagged or half your rig bitten off by sharks or mackies.Grab 3 Packs of your desired Assist Packs to keep laying around in your Boat, Tackle Bag, or car. BUNDLE INCLUDED : 3 X ASSIST PACKS
BKK Triple Threat 6 pack Bundle (S2) BKK Triple Threat 6 pack Bundle (S2)
SnapBait BKK Triple Threat 6 pack Bundle (S2) from $84.99
GEN 2 - TRIPLE THREAT 6 PACK Each bundle packs contains 6x Triple Threat Hybrid Jigs of your chosen size. Perfect option for your next trip out to show up your friends & family on how its done.   Note: Colours selected at random
Chikara Jigging Assists Chikara Jigging Assists
SnapBait Chikara Jigging Assists $12.99
Jigging Assists The Chikara assists hooks have been designed to work with our Proto-J- SPJ specifically to allow our Anglers the addition Inchiku style of jigging along with the traditional SPJ action.    Each pack contains 2 Assists Per Pack   Features: ULTRA strong 200lb assist cord. Forged carbon (Tin coated) Hooks with UV silk bringing around each hook. Glow bead as an added attraction Ultra glow Squid skirt with our custom UV flasher attached to make it the perfect presentation & irresistible to all species.      
Dancer Knife Jigs Series Dancer Knife Jigs Series
SnapBait Dancer Knife Jigs Series from $14.99
The slim design profile is perfectly suited for fast pitch jigging. Our Custom designed style has been passed on the new Mini Dancer series of knife jigs.  All come equipped with perfectly designed TWIN assist Equipped with BKK 8062 X5. sizes: 30g - 60g - 90g - 110g - 140g - 180g - 220g - 280 - 320g  
Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series
SnapBait Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series $449.00
a remarkably versatile collection of rods designed to elevate your fishing experience. Engineered with a distinctive blend of responsiveness and power, these rods boast a unique JAPANESE blank featuring a slow pitch style tip coupled with a robust lower end. This innovative design facilitates effortless manipulation of jigs, allowing anglers to achieve superior jig action with ease. We are the first to build in a Rod Holder protector which eliminates scratches and chips out of your rod giving it a longer life span and decreasing the risks of breaks. Available in both spin and overhead models, the range offers versatility to suit diverse fishing preferences. Overhead models are equipped with a spiral concept, meticulously crafted to prevent the line from touching the blank. This design not only preserves the rod's action but also minimizes tip wrap during jigging, ensuring a seamless fishing experience. If you seek a rod capable of handling both soft plastics and jigs, and one that will assist you in landing the fish of your dreams.
EPIC Inshore Bundle Pack EPIC Inshore Bundle Pack
SnapBait EPIC Inshore Bundle Pack $220.00
Inshore 12 Pack -  Gen2 BKK This Bundle is the perfect option for the Angler who's wanting some variety in their tackle bag.  Suited for inshore fishing conditions ranging from 5m-40m The Inshore bundle the following sizes ( colours picked randomly)  2x 20g Triple Threat 2 x 40g Triple Threat 2 x 60g Triple Threat 2 x 80g Triple Threat 2 x 110g Triple Threat  1 x 30g Proto-J- SPJ 1 x 60g Proto-J- SPJ 1 x 90g Proto-J- SPJ OVER 260.00 WORTH OF VALUE !!
Epic Offshore Pack Triple Threat + Proto-J- Jig Pack Epic Offshore Pack Triple Threat + Proto-J- Jig Pack
SnapBait Epic Offshore Pack Triple Threat + Proto-J- Jig Pack $299.99
Get all the options with the Triple Threat + Proto-J- Jig Pack & You'll save over $30.00 + FREE POSTAGE while having all the custom designed Jigs & Hybrids Jigs ready for your next trip.         This pack includes: 2 x 205g 2 x 255g (random colours). 2 x 305g Triple Threats (random colours). 2 x 180g Proto-J- SPJ jig (random colours). 2x 220g Proto-J- SPJ jigs (random colours). 2 x 6/0 Bkk Assist Packs 2 x 6/0 Chikara Jigging Assists (random colours selected). Over $320 in Value !!!
FLAT RATE Triple Threat 6 pack bundle FLAT RATE Triple Threat 6 pack bundle
SnapBait FLAT RATE Triple Threat 6 pack bundle $55.00
Gen 1 Bundle Packs Never Run out of SnapBaits on another trip again! 6 x  SnapBait Triple Threats per bundle.  mixture of Japanese foil & UV paint Colours selected at random. NOTE: 255g ONLY AVAILABLE IN LUMO ORANGE DOTS 355g- Only available in lumo pink dots & lumo orange dots 
Sold out
Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks
SnapBait Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks $5.00
The Fraser Flasher incorporated both UV & Glow features! These are selling at Cost price.  Due to a slight manufacturing error with the top eye not being full closed on some sets, we cant sell them wholesale to our fantastic retailers.  All they need is a crimp up and they are back to normal.   Each pack contains 4 Fraser Flashers . available in 2 sizes , 4/0 & 7/0  4/0 -Rated 58kgs 7/0 - Rated 78kg
Frothy Okky + Triple Threat Bundle
SnapBait Frothy Okky + Triple Threat Bundle from $65.00
Cant decide on the Frothy Okky or Triple Threat....  Well sit back and relax all while saving a coupe bucks. Have the best of both worlds with the 4 Pack bundle including the following 2x Frothy Okky (random Colours) 2 x Triple Threat (random Colours) Sizes: 60g, 110g, 155g, 205g, 255g, 305g   
SnapBait FROTHY OKKY BUNDLE from $64.99
Grab 4 x of your favourite size Frothy Okky's in a bundle to keep you going for the next fishing adventure out on the water.   NOTE1 X EACH COLOUR UNLESS WE ARE SOLD OUT OF A SPECIFIC COLOUR
Gen One - 3 Pack Bundle
SnapBait Gen One - 3 Pack Bundle $24.99
Keep your Tackle Bagged topped up with our 3 pack bundle.
SnapBait INSHORE Triple Threat + PROTO-J- BUNDLE PACK $194.99
When you cant make your mind up on what you wanna do?  This is the perfect bundle pack for you! For the Fishos that want to do it all ! Pack Includes the following: Proto-J- SPJ 2x 30g Proto-J- jigs 2x 60g Proto-J- jigs 2x 90g Proto-J-  jigs Triple Threat Hybrid Jigs 2x 40g Triple Threats 2x 60g Triple Threats 2x 80g Triple Threats When you cant make your mind up on what you wanna do?  This is the perfect bundle pack for you!
Prawno Jig Heads Prawno Jig Heads
SnapBait Prawno Jig Heads $8.99
Custom designed for all purposes of fishing.  THE FIRST  Prawn Jig head on the market in Australia designed by SnapBait Australia. 3x forged carbon mustard hooks Lets take soft placcying to the NEXT LEVEL.  
SnapBait Proto-J- + ASSISTS BUNDLE PACKS from $80.00
Proto-J- Epic Bundle These are fast becoming one of the most popular jigs to use around Australia.  This Bundle deal is for the series angler wanting to be ready for those big Reds, Saddles or even a Dino Trout.  Proto-J- Bundle deal includes 4 x Proto-J- Jigs ( Size to suit order) 2 x Chikara jigging Assist (match Jig assists)   ***Colours selected at random***
Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's
SnapBait Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's from $14.99 $26.99
  We designed every millimeter of the market's newest SPJ, the Photo-J. We have incorporated a middle tow point on our SPJ to give another added option for the jigging anglers to use as a pirate style JIG or attach a little metal blade for added attraction! There's more than 6 ways you can rig this jig & each way will catch you fish, We have made sure of this!This SPJ had a perfect flutter action which is why we incorporated this middle assist attachment.  Our modern design and perfect weight distribution all plays a part to make this SPJ the best on the market. We have tested in all around Australia and had success.  I have taken to the time to design the assist and carefully selected the correct hooks for this SPJ to catch all species and sizes of fish from Flounder to 25KG Sambos.  You should know by now that we don't use LOW QUALITY TERMINALS! Assist:  Our Assist incorporate a 10cm Pink stripe squid skirt along with green and blue flasher for added attraction & UV silk thread that has 3 coats of resin for protection along with the glow bead.  This SPJ is of the highest quality, once its in your hands, you won't want to drop it down.... It feels and looks to good to feed to the fish!  QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY DESIGNED IN HOUSE BY  SNAPBAIT Australia    
Sakana Series BUNDLES Sakana Series BUNDLES
SnapBait Sakana Series BUNDLES $59.99
The Sakana series inshore bundle  A random selection of colours for you to have stored for your adventures.  Never Run out of SnapBaits on another trip again! Packs Include: 6 x  Sakana Series in your chosen size range
$2.00 sale
Sakana Series Hybrid Jig Sakana Series Hybrid Jig
SnapBait Sakana Series Hybrid Jig $15.99 $17.99
Custom designed Sakana Series Hybrid jig. We have kept the key features that make our jig head the best on the market but added a some key differences.  Features: Tapered body to give this more streamline & hydrodynamic An added tow point for another Assist, metal blade or soft plastic 4 colours to choose from with PINK or ORANGE flasher assist UV flasher with our added glow skirt to make this the BEST option for night fishing Ultra strong 3/0 FORGED carbon hook  Green UV SILK thread Resin coated finish around all bindings. All Colours have a ENHANCED glow effect on the belly of the jig
SnapBait Frothy Okky SnapBait Frothy Okky
SnapBait SnapBait Frothy Okky from $19.99
Updated Colours____ Keep an eye out for updated Frothy Okky Custom designed to replicate the swimming action of a small octopus. The GLOW effect from the silicon ribbons that replicate the legs of a swimming or injured octopus will attract the fish of a lifetime.  Either leave it in the rod holder and let the oceans motion do the work for you, or replicate the twitching action of an injured octopus to lure that PB fish in.  Our assists are the strongest on the market. Using the 2x 7/0 Forged Carbon hooks that we are also use on our Kevlar assists to make this jig the most Powerful and Strongest of its kind.
SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8 SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8
SnapBait SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8" $10.99
Shimmer Shad (2 PACK) Our 8" Shimmer shad uses the latest fibre binding technology that allows us to have the deepest segments on our soft plastic to give the Shimmer Shad a life like swimming action and the maximum vibration to attract all those trophy species. Coming out in a Perl White colour with infused silver glitter to mimic the scales of a bait fish for the maximum attraction. Made from high strength and high quality TPR silicon that allows the Shimmer shad to be light weight but also very tough & out fish the competition. DESIGNED BY US AT SNAPBAIT AUSTRALIA