Triple Threat Assist's - Replace/ Upgrade Triple Threat Assist's - Replace/ Upgrade
SnapBait Triple Threat Assist's - Replace/ Upgrade from $10.00
!!!!2x assist per pack!!!! We cover all sizes and options: Choose from the following: 3/0 twin assist  (replacement) 3/0 Triple Assist  (replacement) 5/0 Pike hooks 6/0 Triple assist (replacement) 7/0 Kevlar & Forged Live Bait Hooks or our 9/0 Deep V Hooks. 200lb red PE assist cord Pink UV thread around binding on each hook S2 BKK Assist Our S2 (series 2) assist have been made even stronger and better. All S2 assist are equiped with BKK Quality hooks 
Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks
SnapBait Fraser Flasher Ganged Hooks $4.00
The Fraser Flasher incorporated both UV & Glow features! These are selling at Cost price.  Due to a slight manufacturing error with the top eye not being full closed on some sets, we cant sell them wholesale to our fantastic retailers.  All they need is a crimp up and they are back to normal.   Each pack contains 4 Fraser Flashers . available in 2 sizes , 4/0 & 7/0  4/0 -Rated 58kgs 7/0 - Rated 78kg
Chikara Jigging Assists Chikara Jigging Assists
SnapBait Chikara Jigging Assists $9.00
Jigging Assists The Chikara assists hooks have been designed to work with our Proto-J- SPJ specifically to allow our Anglers the addition Inchiku style of jigging along with the traditional SPJ action.    Each pack contains 2 Assists Per Pack   Made with, -ULTRA strong 200lb assist cord, - 4/0 forged carbon (Tin coated) Hooks with UV silk bringing around each hook, - glow bead as an added attraction - Ultra glow Squid skirt with our custom UV flasher attached to make it the perfect option.