SnapBait Triple Threat SnapBait Triple Threat
SnapBait SnapBait Triple Threat $10.00
Once they are gone, THEY ARE GONE. 355g discounted due to eyes stickers coming off  
Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's
SnapBait Proto-J- Rigged SPJ's from $14.99 $26.99
  We designed every millimeter of the market's newest SPJ, the Photo-J. We have incorporated a middle tow point on our SPJ to give another added option for the jigging anglers to use as a pirate style JIG or attach a little metal blade for added attraction! There's more than 6 ways you can rig this jig & each way will catch you fish, We have made sure of this!This SPJ had a perfect flutter action which is why we incorporated this middle assist attachment.  Our modern design and perfect weight distribution all plays a part to make this SPJ the best on the market. We have tested in all around Australia and had success.  I have taken to the time to design the assist and carefully selected the correct hooks for this SPJ to catch all species and sizes of fish from Flounder to 25KG Sambos.  You should know by now that we don't use LOW QUALITY TERMINALS! Assist:  Our Assist incorporate a 10cm Pink stripe squid skirt along with green and blue flasher for added attraction & UV silk thread that has 3 coats of resin for protection along with the glow bead.  This SPJ is of the highest quality, once its in your hands, you won't want to drop it down.... It feels and looks to good to feed to the fish!  QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY DESIGNED IN HOUSE BY  SNAPBAIT Australia    
SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8 SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8
SnapBait SnapBait Shimmer Shad 8" $10.99
Shimmer Shad (2 PACK) Our 8" Shimmer shad uses the latest fibre binding technology that allows us to have the deepest segments on our soft plastic to give the Shimmer Shad a life like swimming action and the maximum vibration to attract all those trophy species. Coming out in a Perl White colour with infused silver glitter to mimic the scales of a bait fish for the maximum attraction. Made from high strength and high quality TPR silicon that allows the Shimmer shad to be light weight but also very tough & out fish the competition. DESIGNED BY US AT SNAPBAIT AUSTRALIA