Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series
SnapBait Endorfin Rods - Receptor J Series $399.00
a remarkably versatile collection of rods designed to elevate your fishing experience. Engineered with a distinctive blend of responsiveness and power, these rods boast a unique JAPANESE blank featuring a slow pitch style tip coupled with a robust lower end. This innovative design facilitates effortless manipulation of jigs, allowing anglers to achieve superior jig action with ease. We are the first to build in a Rod Holder protector which eliminates scratches and chips out of your rod giving it a longer life span and decreasing the risks of breaks. Available in both spin and overhead models, the range offers versatility to suit diverse fishing preferences. Overhead models are equipped with a spiral concept, meticulously crafted to prevent the line from touching the blank. This design not only preserves the rod's action but also minimizes tip wrap during jigging, ensuring a seamless fishing experience. If you seek a rod capable of handling both soft plastics and jigs, and one that will assist you in landing the fish of your dreams.